Cotton fleece of the shirt magic absorb your sweat but still comfortable to wear

Which we will discuss in this article are the cotton fleece. cotton fleece is made from the fiber mixture of approximately 80% cotton and wool fibers approximately 20%. The characteristics of cotton fleece is having a more luminous color yarn and lighter than other materials commonly used to make sweaters. Due to a mixture of cotton makes cotton fleece is soft and comfortable to wear. So, with cloth finer texture allows preferred by lovers of the sweater.

Fleece fabric is soft, light, warm and comfortable. Cotton fleece is hydrophobic, which can absorb water 1% by weight. Cotton fleece can vaporize sweat through the pores quickly, so keep it light cotton sweater fleece worn while sweating. Because of this quality cotton fleece suitable for heavy activities such as jackets and sweaters for the sport. Cotton fleece can also be washed using the washing machine and the drying process is relatively quick. Besides cotton fleece is also suitable as a replacement or alternative material for users who are allergic or sensitive to wool.

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